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Harvard vs. Princeton 2015

On April 25/26, the Princeton Polo traveled to Harvard’s new Polo and Equestrian Center in South Hamilton, MA to compete in what was the first match of these two teams in decades. Due to some of Harvard’s horses still wintering in South Carolina, the number of chukkers were reduced to two per match. The Harvard Men JV team lead at half time with one point over the Tigers. Princeton rallied in the second half to win the intensely fought match with a score of 4:3. The Harvard Women JV played superbly the next day and out-sticked the Tigers with a final score of 7:1. Princeton Polo would like to thank their generous hosts, Harvard Polo, for a fantastic  weekend of good competition and good fun. Special mention go to the Harvard Team coached Crocker Snow and Ashley Mackenzie, and Harvard Team Captain Aemilia Phillips ’15 for organizing and managing the event.

PAW Cover Story

The Princeton Alumni Weekly (PAW) featured the Polo Club as their cover story for April 2015. The immensely talented David Walter ’12, composed a brilliant article that portrays the sport of polo as it is: “There are mad dashes, snorting horses, and thrown elbows, all mixed up in a frenzied combination of horse racing, chess, and hockey.” Download the full story, or view it here.


Princeton over Yale

On Saturday Feb 8,  Princeton’s mallet men competed against Yale in the first clash of the two teams in over 50 years. Princeton emerged victorious with a final score of 17-14. It was a closely combatted match with many hard-fought plays in Yale’s new and beautiful indoor arena in Bethany, CT. The strong team effort and a brilliant Dillon Bacon secured the win for Princeton. This was also the first match of the young polo program that only returned to Princeton’s campus in January 2014. Princeton Polo would like to thank Yale, especially coaches Liz Brayboy and Ed Armstrong, Captain Manuel Valle and President Aurora Edington for hosting our men’s team. The Tigers were: #1 Alexander Sen, #2 Dillon Bacon, #3 Nikolas Weissmueller, #4 Thomas Facon.

Cover Foto: Left to right on horseback: Alex Sen, Dillon Bacon, Nick Weissmueller, Tom Facon; On Foot: Arthur MacWaters (spare), Hesham El-Gharby (coach).

Tigers Play Polo on Grass

Those Club members who were fortunate enough to stay around campus this summer, got to  enjoy exciting outdoor polo matches at Tinicum Polo Club. Although far removed from arena polo, the members honed their skill and are off to a good start with their preparation for the USPA Intercollegiate Tournament.

Memory Lane| Polo Players Magazine

The exciting history of Princeton Polo, ranging from its early beginnings to present day, was recently published in the July 2014 issue of Polo Players’ Edition Magazine, with lots of pictures from Princeton’s Mudd Manuscript Library archives. Have a read, it’s a fun bit of Princeton history.